Benjamin Burns moved to Seagrove in November of 1997, from Maggie Valley, where he lived and worked at Pitter's Potters for six years. Benjamin graduated from Haywood Community College in 1995 with a degree in production crafts. Originally from Miami, Florida, Benjamin learned his craft at the Ceramic League of Miami, and taught wheel classes there for a short time before moving to North Carolina. He has been published in Handmade in America's "Craft Heritage Trails", and "Handcrafted in the Blueridge" by Irv Green and Andrea Gross.
Benjamin is well known for his vivid glazes including Oxblood Glaze (Copper Red), Rutile Blue, Iridescent Green and a rich White over Black Combination. His dinnerware, sinks and lamps are sought after by discriminating patrons from all over the World. He uses only the very best ingredients and fires to 2400F which makes the pots very chip resistant and made to use every day.

"With the influence of the Japanese masters, my intent is to make functional works of art, transforming the ordinary into the exceptional. My work explores the thrown form. I am always searching for that quality that survives time, combining the traditional with the contemporary. I use the techniques and glazes of the past out of respect for their legacy, but with my eyes focused on the present. Always testing new ideas and glazes to keep my work new and exiting."

The gallery also features the work of Bonnie Burns, a well known Seagrove artist. Bonnie has been on an artist's journey since birth. Creating and painting have been two of her most effectual endeavors, culminating in functional pottery. Her work is spontaneous, fun and influenced by Nature. She either throws her pots or hand-builds but they are all one of a kind, hand-decorated and food-safe ironstone. She also decorates tiles for backsplashes or counter tops. Clay, to her, is the most versatile medium. It can be fashioned into innumerable shapes and vessels, limited only to the potter's imagination. Personal expression with clay is a life-long journey, one she has yet to finish.

The Great White Oak Gallery :: Benjamin & Bonnie Burns
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